Products for running your life and business by design, not default.

Action Alchemy empowers creatives, artists and entrepreneurs (you!) to live successful, abundant and purposeful lives by design with action that matters.

In this fast-paced world, we spend so much time doing *things* to go in *any* direction when it may not get us closer to what we want. If you've ever taken a whole bunch of action towards your goals and realized you're doing things that look good to others, but leave you feeling unfulfilled and unaccomplished, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
This process can leave us burning out and becoming disenchanted with building, launching and scaling our best work.

The shifts I've personally experienced after creating and implementing the different methodologies you'll find here has been game changing, and I want you to experience them too. Action Alchemy provides digital downloads, workbooks and the MAP planner with a very specific purpose. I believe anybody can be successful with the right tools, support, mindset and peers. Join us and infuse a little action, magic and purpose into your daily life.

Our available workbooks, courses and (coming soon!) community will be listed below as they're released.

Morning Action Papers (MAP)

Energy in before energy out. Our MAP planner improves your mindset by combining introspection, creativity and purposeful planning.
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♥ We love action alchemy ♥

"I did the daily MAP and I've literally accomplished everything I needed to already. MAP helped me feel way more ready and mentally prepared, and I wasn't distracted from task to task. 

I think you've got a really amazing system with your planner. Truly."
Jeremy H. Actor / Marketer

What is Action Alchemy?

Small Steps, Big Results 🎉

Do you ever feel like you're running a mile minute and getting *so much stuff* done, but realize you've been.... just running fast and not getting closer to your own goals? Our products don't focus on hustling for the sake of hustling. We know that small steps create big results.

Hustle *and* Flow 🔥

Our products and courses require one thing: hustle and flow. You can achieve your goals with balance and without spiraling into a hustle hole. Balance doesn't mean you're not hustling; it means you're taking stronger, more focused steps (hustling) in the right direction with room for self care and having it feel good (flow). Hustle & flow supercharge each other.

Tap That Inner Alchemy 🎩

Thoughts become things; we've heard this before. What they fail to tell you is unless you're doing the inner work and taking focused action with intention, you're just... having thoughts. Action alchemy will keep you grounded and encourage you to take that inner fire and turn it into action.

PermissionLESS Podcast

Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur, doer of business, or a creative just starting your action alchemy journey but not ready to take the leap yet? Subscribe and tune in to episodes of my podcast, PermissionLESS. I interview guests that have made incredible transitions in their lives, started businesses, completely re-imagined their career paths, worked hard to design a life they love, and get pretty candid about it. I also record solo episodes where I discuss topics related to personal development, growth and business to help you reconsider some of the challenges and roadblocks you may be facing.
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