Morning Action Papers (MAP) by Selena Vidya

Morning Action Papers (MAP)

Imagine: Looking at your week and having a sense of peace, purpose and excitement about what you have planned.

The MAP planner works by combining introspection, creativity and purposeful planning at the time when your mind is most primed for change: the morning when just waking, and the night before going to sleep. Energy in before energy out.

Our minds hold on to so much information. Carrying around mental clutter makes it hard to take inspired action. Your MAP will help clear everything out!

Let's wrangle your chaos, and tame 👏🏼 that 👏🏼 shit 👏🏼 
on a daily basis.

Sneak Peeks

MAP Planner Helps With...

Mental Clarity 🔎

A cluttered brain is useless and overwhelming. The MAP planner helps you empty your brain of the things that hold you back, so you can see (and plan) things with clarity and purpose.

Purposeful Action 🚀

No more running to take aimless action in any direction. The MAP planner will keep you focused on the small and important steps that move you forward every day with intention. Aimless action is almost worse than taking no action at all.

Putting *You* First 🧘🏻‍♀️

The "hustle" mentality focusing on the GO GO GO aspect while putting yourself second. You can hustle and flow. The MAP planner helps you put self care and mindset at the forefront so you can get shit done from a

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♥ We love the MAP planner. ♥

"I did the daily MAP and I've literally accomplished everything I needed to already. MAP helped me feel way more ready and mentally prepared, and I wasn't distracted from task to task. 

I think you've got a really amazing system with your planner. Truly."
Jeremy H. Actor/Marketer
MAP helps keep me focused on my aspirations. For me, that is writing daily. Usually a verse in a song. I wasn’t perfect with it but when I truly held myself accountable, I wrote 5 songs over a matter of weeks when I first started. 

They were introspective and required focus and discipline to truly make myself authentic while still adhering to a schedule. MAP helps me stay on track, laser-focused on the day’s goals, and what I need to do to continue to improve myself.
Paul G. / Marketing

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What do I get with this digital download?

The MAP planner download comes with 11 different files for individual use, but to get the full effect, there's the full weekly MAP planner you can print out each week.

  • Map Exploration: This is the process doc that helps you understand how to use the planner and print the proper size, but that didn't sound as sexy. 
  • Map Exploration Audio: An audio version of the exploration doc if you're an auditory learner!
  • Full Weekly MAP Planner: If you don't want to use certain MAPs or individual files, this is a full weekly version that you can use, start to finish, each week.
  • Map Cover: For those who want the full weekly experience, there's a MAP cover included for the front page. (Time to complete: n/a)
  • Weekly Clarity MAP: A ritual/habit tracker (which is AWESOME for making sure you're sticking to certain things you want to do each week) and a section to add high level business + creative focus for the week.
  • Daily MAP: This is the main planner page that you'll be using on a daily basis. You'll print 5 of these for the week. (Time to complete: 5-10 minutes)
  • Saturday MAP & Sunday MAP: These are created specifically for the weekend with slightly different methodology and purpose. You'll print 1 each of these for the week. (Time to complete: 5-10 minutes)
  • MAP Backburner: I'll go into detail for how to use this in the exploration doc, but this is an additional page weekly that can be used for mental clutter. (Time to complete: n/a. Use as needed.)
  • Power Prompts: Journaling can be hard AF if you're not used to it. I provide a number of journaling prompts to get you started on the Power Prompt boxes in the planner.
  • Print Instructions: There's a specific size that's ideal for the MAP pages, so this will walk you through the print settings to adjust.

What's included?

File Icon 11 files

MAP Pages

MAP Walkthrough
MAP Exploration.pdf
1.57 MB
MAP Cover.pdf
77.3 KB
Exploration Doc Audio File.m4a
7 mins
MAP Print Instructions (Read Me!).pdf
323 KB
Full Weekly MAP Planner
Full Weekly MAP Planner.pdf
672 KB
Power Prompt Starters
Power Prompt Starters.pdf
828 KB
Daily MAP
Daily MAP.pdf
363 KB
Weekend Mapping
Weekly Clarity MAP.pdf
203 KB
Saturday MAP.pdf
290 KB
Sunday MAP.pdf
245 KB
Mental Clutter
MAP Backburner.pdf
88.4 KB

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Who is the MAP for?

MAP is for everybody! While I'm a creative and I developed it with that in mind, you don't have to be a freelancer, professional creative or business owner to improve your mindset and get things done in your day. Everyone can benefit from taming the chaos each day and having a place to work through their thoughts.

There's a journaling aspect to this. What if I don't know how to journal?

The writing section on the daily MAP is meant to be free flow. You can write whatever is on your mind in the morning because the goal is to get all of the clutter out so you can face your day with clarity. I created a handful of Power Prompts to help with this process, but if you have any questions about journaling, hit me up. I'll be happy to help with some exercises!

How effective is the MAP method?

Like with anything, what you put into it will be what you get out of it. 😃 The process itself of using the map and learning how to direct your focus inward is priceless. We all need and crave structure, and when implemented the right way, we can achieve more than we thought possible. 

I hope the MAP method is super effective for you, whether that means filling out the MAP in its entirety daily/nightly, or only whenever you really need it.

I use Asana, Notion HQ or other systems for tasks. Can I use this too?

You sure can! They work really well together. I use Asana for business projects and Notion HQ for creative projects. The MAP helps me tie everything together and only focus on the most important things for my day. 

Is this a lot of work? I feel too busy to do something like this every day.

Have you ever heard the saying "If you're too busy to meditate, that's exactly when you need to do it"

If you're too busy to do this, it means you'll benefit greatly from slowing down and putting yourself through the process. I only spend a few minutes with ☕️ and my MAP each morning, and less than 5 minutes at night. I created this with the intention of it fitting seamlessly into even the busiest person's morning. Mapping for 15 minutes will save you countless time later; I feel really unfocused through the day when I don't MAP.

I look forward to slowing down and using those few minutes to center myself for the day.

Do you have a digital version of this?

We don't have an app - yet! 😅 We do have versions of the MAP planner set up so you can fill them in with a PDF program, but we recommend putting pen to paper for the best results. (If you'd like the version to use with a PDF program, shoot me an email.)

If you have an iPad Pro & Pencil, you can also use the planner like you would with pen and paper. You just have to move the planner into Files and use in Notes.